Arizona 2 gun is the latest iteration of 2 gun themed practical competition.

It moves away from the double-tapping paper contests and instead requires the competitor to engage their mind and body as a unit to negotiate the stage requirements.

With the use of unconventional props like kettlebells, tractor tires, walls, windows and tables to carry, throw, flip or climb - the additional physical demands turn a seemingly simple marksmanship problem into a challenge rarely found at a public shooting contest.

Az2gun is a rifle & pistol match. Our customers run the gamut of carry and home defense gear to specialty competition only equipment. The most common rifle platforms are in the AR/AK variety in common calibers.

Rifle targets can be ranged anywhere from close quarter to 300-400 yds.

Iron, red dot, fixed and variable power sights have all been used.

Handguns in 9mm/40sw/45acp are predominant with 9mm being the most popular.

Holsters must retain the pistol while negotiating stage obstacles.

We have divisions to accommodate iron & optical sighted platforms.

Stage design philosophy is to keep the required number of hits per stage to a single rifle or pistol magazine.

Depending on individual skill level, time on stage can be brief or "timed-out" if the par time expires.


A2G introduction video